Our Story

Lokixximo is one of the hardest working latin rappers in New York right now; for over a decade he literally had done it all, from climbing the charts every week to have been featured in major newspapers such as "El Especialito", "El Diario" and "Miami Herald",  being heavily co-signed by MTV Tr3's on their top 20 countdown for being the only to latin urban artist to win the MTV Tr3's Dame un Break competition in 2013 and also featured in numerous tv networks such as Telemundo, TLC reality show Swipe Right and Oxygen Crazy Talk, winner of Fox Music Awards for Best Latin Soloist in 2014 his music was also featured in the major Orion motion pictures film "Fort Tilden" july 2015.

Born "Argenis Gomez" Lokixximo is a natural born hustler, who had performed as the headliner for Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard life achievement award in Nassau Bahamas to rocking all local and major tv shows in Dominican Republic, his a 
true example of what is to fight for your dreams non stop until you make it, from the tough streets of the Bronx to recording with a four-time GRAMMY-winning producer Sebastian Krys who credits includes Will Smith, Black Eye Peas and Shakira,  prepping his next mixtape "Historia Reales" . Lokixximo's heavy slick spanish slang is his most defining aspect, as he displays that New York hardcored & fun attitude in every aspect in his music, whether it be reality shows, movies or music. Lokixximo has the co-signs and the skill -- and capitalizing on his own uniqueness to New Yorks mixed musical culture has make him one of most consistent independent artist in latin urban music.